Cycling New Zealand affiliation

Counties Manukau Cycling is a Cycling New Zealand affiliated club. All club members must also be members of CNZ and racing is conducted under CNZ rules. 


  • Sport Membership – $22.50
  • Domestic Licence – $38.50 Junior / $59.96 Senior
  • International Licence – $93.50 Junior / $169.95 Senior
  • Technical Licence – $54.80
  • Club Membership – $34.50 / $49.30 Senior

Choosing the correct options

Joining the club is handled through CNZ’s membership portal. When registering you will first be presented with a number of options detailed below. As CMC is a Road & Track cycling club, the sub-selection in these options should always be Road/Track/Cyclocross.

  • Sport Membership – Select this if you want to compete in club races, but aren’t interested in other CNZ sanctioned events such as the Age Group National Championships. All riding members require a Sport Membership.
  • Domestic Licence – Add this if you want to compete in any races in NZ that require a UCI licence.
  • International Licence – Add this if you want to compete in any UCI sanctioned events outside NZ.
  • Technical Licence – Select this if you are a non-riding member of the club e.g. commissaire.

After selecting your CNZ membership type you will then be prompted to select your club affiliation. Type ‘Counties Manukau Cycling’ in the search box.

Memberships are valid from the 1st Jan to 31st December of the licence year.


  1. Gary wants to mix it up in Cat C club races but has no interest in racing the age group championships or other CNZ sanctioned events. Gary purchases a Sport Membership for $22.50 and a Club Membership for $49.30 for a total of $71.80.
  2. Mary rides in Cat B club races, but also wants to tear up the course at the age group nationals Individual Time Trial. Mary purchases a Sport Membership for $22.50, a Domestic Licence for $59.96 and a Club Membership for $49.30 for a total of $131.76.